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無言激 - Mugongeki

無言激 (Mugongeki) is hide's photobook, published in 1992.04.5.

Some words about the title. The word 'mugongeki' when written '無言劇', means 'pantomime'. However, the book's title is written '無言激'. The kanji '激' is used to describe violence, anger, fierceness or intensity. In this case a possible reading of the title might be 'Silent Rage'.


I swim in your twin seas
Toy with me
Dancing, I am a single thread
A woven, entwined, fraying, ambiguous being
Let me swim in your twin seas...
Even if I should become food for the fish

Chapter 1
The Sadist's Depression
I only feel good beyond these walls
I want to trust everything to you
Don't leave this place...
I only fear release
In freedom, in emptiness is a universal cruelty
Don't go out into that kind of place...
Stay in here just as you are...
Snug in a silk cocoon
Let me abandon myself to sleep...
Aa...I only feel good beyond these walls...
Chapter 2
Death Dance *
Without a moment's hesitation
We now become one single body
Are beauty and the art of bearing fruit put to the test by the cycles of life? **
Influenced by the specter of evil passions
I degenerate into a follower of pleasure
Vomiting "life" I reflect upon myself
Forgive me Moon...forgive this body that's dying without your sustenance
Forgive me Earth...forgive this dying body you bore
Was blossoming the reason my body was infatuated...
Was the blossom's fall the reason for the profuse bloom?
I am breaking...
I am running dry...
Only my body can make me beautiful

* Phonetically the title reads as "maiko", that is a geisha apprentice. However, the kanji used give it a different meaning.
** Cycles of life, endless cycles of death and rebirth, transmigration of the soul.

Chapter 3
Folk Belief in the Buddha
I grant nothing
And demand nothing
Expecting nothing
You have no faith
Hearing nothing
I give no warnings
Without rules to follow
You have no reverence
I am within myself
You are within yourself

Chapter 4
Pain and fatigue
Are only passing
Are like a casual fling
My anguish is lasting
Until now we had been allowed to coexist
Is it normal to suffer?
Is normality abnormal?
...this is my opportunity
I am not certain who to call on for a farewell
Him, inside of me?
Me, inside of him?
It truly makes no difference
We are friends now
Our house that we shared
Our alternate everlasting emotions
I will miss, my condolences
Pain and fatigue
Now are past flings

Chapter 5/6
Into The Backstage/On Stage

Chapter 7
Self-centered Still Life
There is no compromise
The carving with embossed features
Wished to blend in
A product of its surroundings

Chapter 8
Required minimal emotions
Love that saturates me
Uncontrollable desires
How unnecessary they are
Function is of value
Only the daily submission of coiled pipes
And simple thought
Memories seem mountains of scrap
That I will dispose of
This day becomes perfection
My flesh was purified
In its entirety...but no more...
Chapter 9
The Key
This is the place I lost
It is the place I found
The place I had neither seen
Nor been to
Again I have come here
To part with this place?
To discover it?

ThanX W_B for English translation.
(c) www.nopperabou.net

Категория: Miscellaneous | Translated by XMoonlightX | 2009.04.03 | Author: hide
Reads: 2095

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