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[xxxx.xx.xx] Mayuko Kishi's Memories of hide
Disclaimer(1): Most hide fans know that he had a fan with a chronic illness (something called 'Peripheral Nerve Regenerative Disorder'), that he met one day, and stayed in contact with afterwards. These are excerpts of her diary.

Disclaimer(2): Do NOT take these excerpts without asking Seiichiyamagai first, thank you.

Diary excerpts

hide-san used to come and play with/see me very often (this is talking about before the transplant), sometimes Yoshiki would come as well.

During one of their performances, hide-san gave me a front ticket, and asked the staff members to escort me backstage to his change room. He was afraid that the fans would squash me. I waited for him in his change room, he came in and took my hand. His hands were shaking, I think he was really excited. He then carried me on his back and ran around the entire backstage, kicking people's doors open and shouting "Yo! I have a friend to introduce to you".

When he kicked open Yoshiki's door, Yoshiki was dumbstruck with shock... Yoshiki hasn't even taken off his make-up yet.

Then afterwards, they decided to go drinking. Due to my health problem, I can't walk very fast. So, hide-san held my hand and walked very slowly with me. Soon enough, everyone started disappearing in front of us. Then, we saw a figure leaning against a wall in front of us. When we got near, we realized that it was Yoshiki. Yoshiki said "I've been waiting for you". Then he came over and took my other hand.

So the three of us slowly walked on. I was really happy to see Yoshiki waiting there, even though I knew he wasn't waiting for me.

I went to hide-san's funeral as well, I sat there and couldn't stop crying. Yoshiki came over and knelt down beside me. Even though he was wearing dark sunglasses, I knew that he was looking at me. I knew that he wanted to comfort me in some way so that I'd stop crying. After a long while he finally said, "hide-ji is not here anymore, Yoshiki-ni will stay with you".(*) I once again started crying non-stop, Yoshiki started crying as well. He looked really sad and heartbroken. It was the first time I've actually seen him cry, with no make-up, no barrier, he didn't even bother hiding it.

(*) Translators Note: ni is the suffix for brother and ji is the suffix for uncle.

Translated by (? unknown) from Japanese to Chinese.
ThanX for English translation

Категория: Miscellaneous | Translated by His[Majesty]Queen | 2008.12.11
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