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[1997.xx.xx] Zilch about hide
RM - Ray Mcveigh, vocals and guitar in "Zilch"
PR - Paul Raven, bass guitar and back vocals in "Zilch"
RM: And it's been like a kind of mysterious secret thing for a lot of people for like (?) 2-3 years. We just had slowly-slowly carring on, you know, puttin' this thing together. You know, I think now people can hear it, a kind of hopefully (?) shows, what he was really capable of.
He wanted it in a slang word for zero.
I said: "Oh, zilch. You know, the russian word*, scanword."
[hide:] "Yeah, that is great, great, great - ziluch, zilch!"
"Zilch" means "nothing", and our kind of philosophy on it was that there will
be no rules, no barriers, no color lines, nothing. No confort to it.

PR: Nothing to stop it.

RM: And nothing would stop it, you know. Because the zero, you know, is everything: the egg *shows "zero" with his fingers*, the world, the whole thing, so it kinda means nothing, but it means everything.
This was not just some project, some, you know, little experiment, you know, with some gaijin musicions and some big japanese star. It wasn't that! This was like brothers, we got very close to each other, and I know, what he had in his head and in his heart, and I'll see through it somehow. We will never replace him. We will come close to showing what could it be like somehow. And it may be a completely different vein, but I know what he would like. You know, I know him well enough to say that, and you know...

PR: And his influence will be there through the new material we've already writing, you know, it'll be "Zilch 2", if you wanna call it, you know.

RM: It'll go on. The fight goes on.
(This interview on video)
* From a translator: I have no idea, why Ray had mentioned the word "zilch" as Russian. It's not true.
"Etymology of this word is related to creative origin of Mr. Zilch in Ballyhoo, 1930's humor magazine." (c) wikipedia
Категория: Interview | Translated by XMoonlightX | 2009.01.29
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