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h - hide
I - interviewer
 ~1998.05.01. Studio Talk~ 
h: I like sake, but I like atmosphere drunk with the friends more than sake.
h: I think that LA is a good place since I can concentrate only on recording.
h: It was the second grade of junior high-school when I thought that I’d do music.
I: On the guitar?
h: That is right. At that time, I thought it was a far dream that I appeared playing on a stage. ...Because I was awful fat person in looks.
...I was growing my hair at that time. But when I went to foreign countries for one mouth my parents had made me a bald head, to make a hairstyle not shameful. And during a stay, I never took a bath.
I: For a month?
h: *smiles broadly* Yeah, since something was disagreeable. When I arrived back, I tried to run into arms of a younger brother, a mother and a grandmother at the airport. I have been avoided for my smell. Though it was understood recently, the cause that I was fat might have been a meal of the parents at that time.
I: Was it delicious?
h: There was too much quantity to eat. I didn't return to the house so much to play in those days. Then, I became thin suddenly. Do you know Dobuita Street in Yokosuka? There is a street for the soldier of the U.S. military there. At that time I was spending all of time at the shops there. Then, I learnt all sake, women and cigarettes. I was hearing Rock by a normal sound till then in my house. From all shop, I heard Rocks which I know well by a big sound in Dobuita. I scared entering the shops at first for a moment. Actually I want to look in the world. I came there frequently, and made friends with the people there. And I made the band with them.
I have sung solo just now.
But when I was just a listener, I hated very much the personality which became the vocalists. I was thinking that the vocalists were all self-assertiveness and conspicuous, and that they were not the decent humans. So I wanted to be in an existence far from a vocalist. I felt the best charm to the guitarist who was taciturnly playing it standing next to him. So I wanted to become a guitarist. I cannot believe myself who is singing in public now. It is not a song which can obtain such money. But since I have wished to make the song which put my voice on my music, I did.
I: Considerably good?
h: Of course, because I thought that it was good, I did it. I can not say: "Listen to my song" with an air of superiority. But I am thinking my voice to be one of the musical instruments now.
~1998.04.02 The home of hide in L.A.~
h: Hello, I am hide. Today I think that it is a very fresh day. It is the blue sky in California.
Look at this blue sky. Nothing is seen because of El Nino. *It’s hide’s irony*
Here is the rooftop of my apartment which I rent two years ago, after I came to stay in L.A. It has become splendid cloudy skies today though I wanted to show you the blue sky in California. And I live under here, *points at the floor* but it hesitates a little bit for me to take my room with a camera. So, I tried to draw the room arrangement.
h: It is not separated. I’m lying and lying here in daily life. *points at the “LIVING” on his apartment plan*
I’m watching the videos of variety program here. *points at TV*
I’m eating here. *points at “DINNING”*
I’m cooking here. *points at “Fuckin’ KITCHEN" on his plan*
And I was doing most of the recording here, but the complaint from the neighborhood was terrible. *points at “ex> WORK” on his plan* If I sounded on drum beat “Pan”, the double “Dan Dan” sound had been returned from the resident of the upper floor. If I sounded two drumbeats “Dan Dan”, the doubled “Dan Dan, Dan Dan” sound had been returned. Then, I came to work using headphone. Even if it says so, when recording a song, I must emit the raw voice. When I have shouted “gyaargh”, someone of residents came to sound an alarm. So I’m separately borrowing only the work room in this vicinity now.
This is the work room of such a feeling. *shows the first photo of his studio* I do the maintenance of Internet here.
It is a bath. Here I wash the every corner of my body. *shows the second photo with his bath*
It is an ordinary room not a big deal particularly. *puts another photo on the table without showing it*
There are a lot of videos in the living room. *shows photo with TV set, cassettes all around and a table* My fans had sent them [cassettes] showing appreciation for me of the elderly person. They send me the variety programs which cut CM, and the dramas of prime time which I never watch when I am in Japan. Moreover, all from the first to the final. If there are, I will watch.
What is it? “Yousuke Eguchi”… “Hitosu Yane” ("Under the roof"). So so, that, I have watched all from the first to the final in only two days. Please stop a too excessive kindness, because my work is hindered. *smiles* Anyhow, thank you. There is a fireplace, too. The work room has been such a condition that there are only speakers now in this way. *shows photo of almost empty room* It is such a situation.
It is such a reason, I am shuttling only the studio and the house every day. So, I do not know except about a radius of 50 meters, although I live in L.A. If you are good with that, I want to guide you for a moment. Then, let’s go out. *hide stands from the table and goes away*
ThanX rei for the English translation.
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