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Psychedelic Jam

Lyrics: Michell Marcoulier    Music: PATA, Stan Katayama, Daisuke Hinata

Since you left me, since you’ve been gone
Ain’t no problems like this in so long
Everywhere I look people are laughing at me
Sayin’ look at this love sick child’s disease

I put your picture on the TV show
Said if you see this girl you gotta let me know
 ‘cause I miss her so much I’m about to go insame*
She’s got my only front door key and I’m left out in the rain

They say I’m lonely, they say I’m hard up
I’m drinkin’ my beer from a paper cup
Stacked the dishes so high in the sink ya see
Got all the roaches in the neighborhood laughin at me

Comeback baby!
*lyrics syntax is saved as it is in the original lyrics of the album 
Категория: Lyrics | Translated by XMoonlightX | 2008.08.27 | Author: PATA
Reads: 519

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