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Story Of A Young Boy
Lyrics: Michell Marcoulier    Music: PATA, Stan Katayama, Daisuke Hinata
When he was a young boy
He knew that he was destined to rock
Played guitar every day and every night
Until it started to talk
He kept rockin and rollin
Knowing one day he would get to the top (Oh yeah)
By now it was clear
He had to pack up and hit the road
He had to move from the country
To the fast streets of Tokyo
Practice in the day time
To the clubs at night he would go
He joined up with a band
Playing Zeppelin and Beck till they dropped
Drink whisky and beer
Life’s a party that will never stop
When the band hit the big time
He knew that he had gone to the top
And that’s the end of the story
Of the young boy who was destined to rock
Категория: Lyrics | Translated by XMoonlightX | 2008.08.28 | Author: PATA
Reads: 674

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