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Walkthrough for game X JAPAN Virtual Shock 001

Title: X JAPAN Virtual Shock 001 SEGA SATURN
Origin: Japan
Create date: 95.10.20
Version: 1.00
Genre: Music Entertainment
Players: 1


The game puts you in the role of a backstage camera-man recording the X JAPAN concert that took place on December 31 1994 at Tokyo Dome. It uses an interface similar to that of Tokyo Dome.


A keyboard or a pad can be used.
Default UP = UP Arrow
A TRG = Z key
B TRG = X key
C TRG = C key
X TRG = S key
Y TRG = D key
Z TRG = F key
L TRG = A key
R TRG = G key
START = Enter key
The following cannot be changed.
CD Open = F1 key
CD Close = F2 key
Hard Reset = F4 key
ON/OFF change of Scanline ON/OFF change of = F5 key
Sound = F6 key
Snapshot = BackSpace key
Display ON/OFF change of NBG0 = NUMPAD1 key (1 of a ten key)
Display ON/OFF change of NBG1 = NUMPAD 2 key (2 of a ten key)
Display ON/OFF change of NBG2 = NUMPAD 3key (3 of a ten key)
Display ON/OFF change of NBG3 = NUMPAD 4key (4 of a ten key)
Display ON/OFF change of RBG0 = NUMPAD 5 key (5 of a ten key)
Display ON/OFF change of RBG1 = NUMPAD 6 key (6 of a ten key)
display ON/OFF change of Sprite = NUMPAD 7 key (7 of a ten key)
Rotation of screen = NUMPAD 0 key (0 of a ten key)
Exchange of ABC and the XYZ button = NUMPAD 9 key (9 of a ten key)
Change [ of Window and Fullscreen ] = Alt+Enter key
End = ESC key
The following cannot be changed.
(STV relation)
TEST = F11 key
SERVICE = F12 key
Coin1 = 5 key
Coin2 = 6 key
Coin3 = 7 key
Coin4 = 8 key
1P Start = 1 key
2P Start = 2 key
3P Start = 3 key
By the default, a key setup of the 4P Start = 4 key
2P side is not carried out. It can be used if a key setup is performed. If SSF is performed pushing SHIFT, it will change to STV.
Reset is impossible when it performs without BIOS.


This walkthrough will provide you with the instructions on completing the game.
The game is started. You (camera-man) in Tokyo Dome. Turning left will take you to the PRODUCTION ROOM, behind you there is the REHERSAL HALL and to your right there is the OPERATING MAIN OFFICE. You can visit PRODUCTION ROOM and OPERATING MAIN OFFICE. You must grab the film from the table in the OPERATING MAIN OFFICE. After leave the room.

Now go straight ahead, there will be a hallway to your right. Go to this hallway and you will come to an elevator. When you try to board the elevator the security guard will tell you that you need an ALL AREA PASS. Go back the way you came from and continue to the mess hall. You can check out the set list by looking left if you want. Proceed to a door marked EG. But do not enter. Turn right and pick up the camera zoom lens, then turn left and talk to the guy in the window. Turn around and leave the hall.

Then go back to that hallway we just came from, directly from the PRESS
ROOM and go straight into the first door on your left. This is a TOKYO PATROL STAFF ROOM. You will be told to ask the production staff for an ALL AREA PASS. Leave the hallway the way you entered and take a lift. Go into the PRODUCTION ROOM. There you will get an ALL AREA PASS.

Now go back to the hallway from the PRESS ROOM. Return to the elevator. Show the bodyguard your pass and he will allow you to enter. You will go up to floor two. Floors three and four are blocked off now.


Head left. The first door you come to is PATA's ROOM. Inside you can view a guitar, costumes, small television and etc. The next room you come to is YOSHIKI's ROOM. You can attempt to enter, but a secretary will shout at you and inform you that a meeting is taking place.

The next room you come to the MASSAGE ROOM. But you can’t go in. Keep going and you will reach TOSHI's ROOM. Inside you can check out his guitar, some makeup and another television. To the right of the television there is a phone, avoid it for now. Leave the room.

Keep going straight through the hallway ignoring the path to your left and the revolving doors to your right. You will come upon HEATH's ROOM. His assistant will stop you. Continue on to the CATERING ROOM. But now there nothing of interest to you, so continue on your path. To your left there will be the restroom and to your right is HIDE's ROOM. Take the hint and leave.

Return to TOSHI's ROOM and answer that phone to the right of the television. I told about it to avoid. You will learn that there is a photo shoot opportunity with Toshi from the stands. Head back to the elevator and go up to the 4th Floor.


Here is your first photo shoot. The camera follows Toshi and you can snap his picture with the R button. You have 20 shots. Be careful, though, as this film has to last for four shoots. After that get back to floor two.


Check Pata's Room. The assistant will tell you that you no longer have access. Continue down the hallway until you come to the open area with the revolving doors and small hallway to your left. Check the path to the left to spot a worker. He will ask you to take the bottled water to Heath's room, do so. But Heath isn't in his room. Now go to the first floor.


Your next destination is the place where you start the game. The guy guarding entrance to the Rehearsal Hall will give you access. Here is your 2nd photo shoot, with Heath.
Now floor two.


Go to the end of the hallway until you reach Hide's Room. Talk to the assistant and then head to the CATERING ROOM. You will be greeted by a servicestuff. Given the choice between Bourbon, Wine and Japanese Sake. Get the Sake and bring it to Hide. You will be rewarded with a photo session. After that, go to the YOSHIKI's ROOM. You will get a warmer reception this time, but the meeting is still going on.
After that you can further explore HIDE's ROOM. In HIDE's ROOM you can check out his costumes to the right and a small television to the left. Now you can see the film with Hide. Finally, go straight to see his guitar.
So go to the elevator and go down to the first floor.


Turn around and talk to the bodyguard again to get into REHERSAL HALL. He will let you in with no objections. Here is photo shoot number four, this time with Pata. When you finish, go to the second floor.


Enter YOSHIKI's ROOM. You are greeted with some lovely piano playing with a rose lying on it. Get ready for Photo Shoot number five with YOSHIKI.

After that you can further explore HEATH's ROOM.
In HEATH's ROOM you cam see his shoes to the left, costumes to the right and a small television straight ahead. Now back to the first floor.


Go to the PRESS ROOM and turn right to speak with Luke. He will comment your pictures and give you more film. Once restocked with film, return to the elevator.

Floor three. Time for Rusty Nail.


I.N.A. will inform you that you have a chance to do a little video editing now. Do that and then go to floor one.


Back to the REHERSAL HALL. The guard doesn't believe that you're a Cameraman. He needs to see an arm band. Head to the TOKYO PATROL STAFF ROOM and look to the right. Now pick up the jacket. Leave the room and go through the hall and go in the door marked EG.
Take the left
path (ONLY left - because there is security guard on the right ) and you will be lead to the concert, which has already begun. Watch the video and then leave the area.
Go to the REHERSAL HALL. Guard will allow you to enter the REHERSAL HALL, just in time for the ending ceremony of the concert. Watch the ending video.
After the ending video finishes, your edited music video will play. When the credits then roll, you can show the various pictures that you took.

The end of the game.


1. You can’t:
- enter the DANCER's ROOMS;
- enter the MASSAGE ROOM;
- save the various pictures that you took;
- save game.

2. You can see the video from the game there.


Take into consideration that these are not strict rules, but only advice. Also we don’t insist on this variant as to be the only right but it works. You can do actions in other order, it will lead to another consequences but in this case something can fail to work. If you manage to walkthrough the game using another variant, please, let us know. We will include this information in walkthrough.
Категория: Miscellaneous | Translated by His[Majesty]Queen | 2008.04.12 | Author: His Majesty Queen
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