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[07.11.19] Interview at YOSHIKI OFFICIAL SITE with Tobin Bell

YOSHIKI & Tobin Bell
"SAW4": Tobin Bell and YOSHIKI

Tobin Bell and YOSHIKI's Conversations in Japan

Tobin Bell who is on visiting Japan for the promotion of the movie "SAW4" met with YOSHIKI at the hotel in Tokyo on one day in this November. YOSHIKI is a leader of X JAPAN who made their worldwide debut with "V.I." which is the theme song of that movie.
Tobin Bell got the information about the popularity of X JAPAN in Japan, and he hoped to meet YOSHIKI. YOSHIKI heard about that, and visited him at the hotel by arranging his tight scheduling.
Their conversations were about various topics, their mutual friends and latest Hollywood information and so on, so they talked for a long time.
We provide some of their conversations on this website below.

Tobin Bell(TB): Hi! Nice to meet you. Thank you for your coming.

YOSHIKI(Y): I'm very glad to meet you.

TB: Have you ever watched "SAW" series?

Y: Of course, yes!! "SAW" is one of my favorite movies.

TB: Thank you. By the way, what are you doing lately?

Y: I'm recording music or editing videos lately.

TB: Ah, your song is great in the ending of the movie. I think it matches very well with the atmosphere of "SAW4".

Y: Thank you so much. I have been working with Darren (a movie director) for a new movie "Repo! The Genetic Opera".

TB: Ah, I know. How about it?

Y: It's going well. I produced a song of Paris in that movie, she was better than I expected.

TB: Well, Darren asked you to make a theme song of "SAW4"?

Y: No, a supervisor Jon asked me. But it had only less than a week to finish making up demo after the offer. It was pretty hard.

TB: Oh I see. Have you already had some ideas what kind of song you would like to produce?

Y: No, there's nothing.

TB: Well, how did you produce this song?

Y: First of all, I watched "SAW" series really many times. They asked me to produce a song such as melodic and hard-edge, then I made it. By the way, "SAW4" is very interesting for me! I'm looking forward to watching "SAW5". Does it go on?

TB: Ah. The box office of "SAW" has increased series by series. To be honest, I can't say anything because things are changing in Hollywood day by day.
Is it different from making a song as usual for you to produce a song for the movie?

Y: Yeah. I'm a leader of the band, I can produce music by my way in my band, but it's different from it to make a song for the movie. It's most important to bring out the fascination of the movie. By the way, I heard that "SAW4" recorded the top of the box office in the U.S. after the release.

TB: Yeah. It has already recorded great result in the U.S., I want many people to watch it in Japan too.

Y: How about Japan? You have many interviews everyday?

TB: Yeah. Tomorrow is the last day of the interview, then I'll go back to L.A.

Y: Have you ever watched the movie "Lost in Translation"?

TB: Ah, it's good movie.

Y: Don't you be the same feelings as the main character in that movie? *laugh*

TB: Ah. *laugh*

Y: I went to France a little bit ago, everybody except me was speaking French, so it was the same situation as that movie.

TB: It was great meeting you such as a wonderful artist today. I heard that you are very popular in Japan.

Y: Thank you. Now I live in L.A., so I'd love to see you again.

TB: See you again!


ThanX for English translation hibara
ThanX for editing Sonette
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