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[05.xx.xx] Interview at YOSHIKI OFFICIAL SITE

# 1
What was the reason for your relocation to Los Angeles?
It seems that there are interesting opportunities for you to visit Japan. Right?

Well, the reason why I moved to L.A. is just an accident.
Originally, we were planning to record X JAPAN’s new album.
Our first album was recorded in Japan.
After that, everyone went overseas on vocation and we just tried to come together to make a new album.
And I suggested London… but the others wanted to do in L.A.
You know, I was the leader of the band.
But basically, X JAPAN being a democracy. I lost 1-4.
So we ended up going to L.A.
In L.A., we booked 4-5 recording studios long-term.
And I was going around each studio for producing.
But we had a very sophisticated style of music.
So “why don’t we book several rooms in one studio?”
We started thinking like this.
Then, one day we founded a studio and that, was highly recommended by the engineers.
But unfortunately it was booked for the whole year.
And some other bands like Metallica were using them.
So we got together and thought, “Why don’t we just buy one?”
That’s what we ended up doing.
I bought one and we did all the recording at my studio in L.A.
Then we went back to Japan, but… We then had to decide what to do with the studio.
It’d be crazy to have a studio and do nothing with it so it wasn’t long before I went back to L.A.
It was kind of an impulse buy, but I figured that if I already had a studio I may as well get a house too.
And before I new it I was a resident of L.A.
But to me, this is like an accident.
So if I have the chance I’m going to move to Europe.
Yeah. I’m going to make my debut in the near future so I will be going back and forth to Japan lot as well.

# 2
Do you have any hobbies other that music?
We heard that you are now interested is SimCity.

Music has basically been my only hobby my whole life.
So I had nothing special.
But over the past year or two.
I have gotten into car racing.
Well. I’m not sure if you can call it racing.
I mean, we don’t race on real race tracks.
I really shouldn’t say this, but…
Anyway, we race on public roads but let’s just say we don’t speed that much.
I wonder if it’s OK to be saying this.
I also do some karate.
I don’t know why started. I met a karate teacher one day.
We got along well, and I just decided to start to training.
Yes, I like it.
I’m interested in SimCity.
My friends are into it and keep trying to get me to play.
But I get hooked on games easily so I’m staying away from it.
The last game I was into was a racing game.
I played it with Bill Gates at the Xbox opening ceremony.
But he beat me and I haven’t played since.
Well, I may start playing SimCity soon.

# 3
Which artist have you been paying attention to recently?
Do you listen to KISS even now?

Well, in terms of fashion.
I like Alexander McQueen and styles like that.
I like kind of radical or rebellious styles.
As far as artists are concerned, I like Salvador Dali.
And my favorite chef is Mr. Sakai.
Ferraris are my favorite cars. I love their designs.
I used to play sometimes when I missed good old times.
But now I don’t do that much.
I think I’m influenced by certain types of music.
But there’s nothing special that I can tell you.

# 4
What is VIOLET UK?
Are you planning to perform before release?

Basically, I see this as a movement-starting unit.
Of course most members are musicians, so music is our focus.
But under the name VIOLET UK, we’ve produced clothing.
… magazines, video games, and internet-related items, too.
We’re still searching around and trying in different areas.
Of course music will always be our core.
But we’re going to continue to expand our range.
We want to do a like concert with a showcase kind of style, in Japan, L.A. or somewhere also in the world.

# 5
Your CDs/DVDs have been released, haven’t they?

Somehow we were able to release Eternal Melody II.
I never thought we would get it done.
We’d kept on saying that, but it never did.
But once production started, it was easy, just like DVDs.
I shouldn’t say that VIOLET UK’s release also will be easy.
But somehow I just think it will with some incredible way.
Anyway, now is just the calm before storm.
And I hope everyone will listen to our music until then.

Original English script © YOSHIKI OFFICIAL
Перевод на русский язык: Interview at YOSHIKI OFFICIAL SITE
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