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1. Real name:  Matsumoto Hideto (松本秀人)
2. Date of birth: 1964.12.13
3. Place of birth: Yokosuka, Kanagawa prefecture
4. Blood type: AB
5. Height: 170 cm
6. Zodiac: Sagittarius
7. Status in the band: lead-guitarist
8. Record Label: LEMONed
9. Date of death: 1998.05.02

Do not stand at my grave and weep -
I am not here, I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamonds glints on the snow,
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn's rain.
When you awaken in the morning hush,
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry,
I am not there. I did not die...

(с) Mary E.Fryer

…Ever Free…
On captivative (blinking, flaring, flickering )screen frames change
…Ever Free…
Mischievous smile and cheer screwing up the eyes
…Ever Free…
The guitar is moaning with all concords in crazy solo
…Ever Free…
Colorful hairlocks and fantastic costume
…Ever Free…
He's forever 33, and he's free forever
…Ever Free…
He is the one who will always live in our hearts
…Ever Free…
He is the one who's name is hide

Chapter 1. hide – beginning.
Matsumoto Hideto. The great guitarist, good friend, idol for hundreds of thousands of people all over the world, he is the one who's life can be compared with a meteor because of beauty, brightness and fleetness. He is a part of Legend called X JAPAN and he is a Legend himself.

hide was born on December 13th, 1964 in Yokosuka city, Kanagawa prefecture in St. Josef hospital. As usual kid hide went to kindergarten when he was 4, then he entered Junior School Yokosuka Tokiwa.
His childish time can hardly be called happy. Those who knew him at that time say that he was quiet, shy and very complexed kid. The reason was in big weight that leaded to inferiority complex. His appearance made him play "the role for beating". Another reason to be unliked by people of the same age was his outstanding success in studying. And to unpretty and shy boy was sticked label "grind". Because of this he was often subject to physical and psychological terror in middle school and then, later, in senior school.
Unlike students teachers like hide very much, they characterized him as assiduous boy and the one who dedicate all his time to studying and school extra-classes. hide was predicted to have a successful future of a doctor, and in school archives still keep questionnaire in what hide on question about his future plans said that he would become a doctor assistant to "help with making ready patients for doctor surgery".
That is worth saying that hide went on homestay program to USA in his school years (this program lets tourist spend from one to four weeks in American families).

Hideto was not the only child in the family. He had a younger brother Hiroshi (he was born on March 20th, 1968). Their relationships were always very good, later Hiroshi became personal manager of hide and his assistant.
The very important role played in Matsumoto's family hierarchy the grandmother. That figure was really and really outstanding, so she's worth to speak more about. It was very successful, well-off, independent and authoritarian woman, and she influenced on Hideto's person standing out in a particular way that changed the grandchild's life rapidly. It's difficult to measure the power of her contributing, but about her important meaning said that senior child in Matsumoto family was called "grandmother's child". It's known that she runs a large and famous beauty parlour, and that first costumes of Saber Tiger and early X were made not without her participating. It was hide's grandma who gave him his first guitar, Gibson, when he finished middle school on March 11th, 1980, and entered the senior school Zushi Kaisei in Kanagawa. At that time it was quite expensive guitar, especially for young student. And it was so cool as when it became known, all friends and familiars of hide came to see the guitar.

Near that time in hide's hands appeared KISS album Alive. New music turned over the consciousness of the teen completely, and, later, all his life. hide gave up his studying in school brass band to more serious learning of playing the guitar. All that leaded to forming his first band SABER TIGER with line up consists of, beside hide, Ken, Michael, Nick and Tetsu. Already year later the band performed at famous venues of Yokosuka.
At that time, not without help of hide's grandma, in April 1983, he entered the cosmetology and fashion course of studying in Hollywood Beauty Salon in Roppongi Hills in Tokyo, and finished it 12 months later with success. Later he participated in national and with success got a license on cosmetology and make-up practice. In 1985 - 1987 period hide combined jobs in beauty parlour and performing in his own rock band.
People, who know him at that time and people, who had known him since childhood, could not believe that hide could change so much. And people, who knew him after that "metamorphosis", accordingly, could not believe that this completely crazy and trouble-making guy, whose nickname was "rock-boy", whenever was an outcast.
But everything was that way. The band was growing and became more and more popular.

In 1985 there was first changing in line up: Michael was replaced by Takk, later, he was replaced by Rolly and Jimmy replaced Tetsu.
Despite the fact of constant line-up changing the band released an 8-inched demo that became number one in Yokosuka.
In the same year the band released EP with 1000 copies. Disc consisted of two songs Double Cross and Gold Digger.
In June SABER TIGER with Vampire song together with other famous bands, including also the band X, took part in HEAVY METAL FORCE III album recording.
In 1986 Nick changed his name to REM, and the band took the name SAVER TIGER, because in Sapporo there was already a band with such a name. Under new name the band took part in recording of Devil Must Be Driven Out with Devil compilation which included already two the band's songs: Emergency Express and Dead Angel.
At the same time the band continued playing in different live-houses and famous night clubs.
At one of such lives SAVER TIGER performed on one stage with X. There was a moment behind the scene when the fight between Taiji (ex-bassist of X) and Tetsu occurred. hide had to part fighters, and while sorting out, he got acquainted with other members of X.
In 1986-1987 period the line up was changed radically. Twice it was changed almost completely. Only two constant members were REM and hide. In January 1987, hardly came Tetsu, new drummer, left, and unexpectedly SAVER TIGER disbanded. The strangest thing that it happened at the time when the band got the real chance to become really popular.

During three months hide worked in parlour as visagiste and almost decided to give up his future musical career, but in March Yoshiki, leader of X band, called to him and offered to join the band as lead-guitarist.
In answer to his future leader hide said that he needed a time to think it over. hide had been thought over that offer long, the whole day. Next evening he met Yoshiki in a bar, then, to them joined the others. In the end all together drank out strong while celebrating the increasing number of members in X.

Today it's hard to imagine what the band would be, if hide had rejected the offer of young and ambitious Hayashi. It seemed impossible that X's music could exist without famous, crazy in its sparklingness, complication and unusualness guitar parts of hide, without his extraordinary costumes and haircut. To describe the visual style of hide and its changing in a time is almost impossible. hide changed his stage image rapidly many times, from almost punk to glamour-feminine, and also completely fantastic that can be existed only on pages of novel about far future or in sci-fi. But never his images repeated, they didn't depend on one another, though had origin in each other.
Colorful locks, arranged in Mohawk of sizes that hardly could be imagined, were changed with long scarlet complicated high haircut with locks of all possible colors, and later, tuned into famous pink-black short haircut. None of hide's images could be called the main, all of them characterize his personality equally and became integral part of his works and music. Changeableness and brightness always was main feature of hide.
His costumes affect imagination with its colourfulness and unusualness. Without exaggeration hide can be said to have been and be the only one such an artist whose great ability of visual transformation could not have been surpassed till nowadays.
On April 5th, 1992 photobook Mugongeki (Pantomime) was released, that can be said to be a kind of gallery of hide's images, telling each it's own story, unusual and very different.

hide's coming influenced on band's visual concept radically. He changed and improved the make-up and costumes which helped Yoshiki to develop the band to new level. It's not a secret that hide modeled the costumes for all members, including Yoshiki. The famous image of "Cinderella" that leader was in Celebration PV was created by hide
Also hide contributed much in music of the band. He was co-author and co-arranger of many X's songs. hide became that connecting and guiding element such needed by X.
Later Yoshiki himself confessed in one of the interviews that hide had been "mother of the band", not one who created but brought up.
Matsumoto was the only one who could over-persuade hot-tempered and stubborn leader, point out the mistakes and misses. Everyone loved hide, despite his some times unbearable character and his passion for alcohol and his habit to joke over everyone with all possible ways. Number of hide's fans can be compared of Yoshiki's only. Still it seems strange how two of such talented and bright personalities could work in one band, because both of them were leaders. But they became best friends.

Nevertheless, such bright personality with great potential that hide had as independent author could not be bound by the work in one band long, and in 1993 he began his solo career while being the member of X, renamed to X JAPAN.
In the beginning of the year hide took part in MxAxSxS project together with Inoran and J (rhythm-guitarist and bassist of Luna Sea). On January 21st the band released Dance 2 Noise 004 album.
On August 5th, 1993 hide released the first single EYES LOVE YOU that took third position in Oricon charts. Second single 50% & 50%, released on the same day, took sixth position.
On September 29th art-house movie Seth et Holth became screening, hide played one of the main roles together with TUSK, his friend and vocalist of the band Zi:Kill. It was a kind of psychedelic variant of ancient Egyptian legend about two ancient gods, mixed with national Japanese colour and burdened by hide's visual concept. Video is quite difficult to understand and it can't be called the movie for wide audience, despite that it was very successful among the fans of hide.  
Quite successful start of solo career was more fixed by 1994 success when PV for EYES LOVE YOU got MTV award.

On January 21st, 1994 hide released third single DICE, took sixth position in Oricon charts, and released on February 23d first solo album HIDE YOUR FACE got place number one in musical Olympus.
But this album is famous not for only that fact. Fantastic and a bit scary mask in cover of album was created by famous Swedish designer Hans-Rudolf Giger, who got the fame for creating the image of main monster for Alien movie.
Beside this, that album was really solo completely. For its recording hide didn't invited support-musicians and played all instruments himself, and also records the back vocal. As for style it was very different from X's style and could be described by "alternative rock".

In the middle of March hide went on his solo gig HIDE OUR PSYCHOMMUNITY. Tour lasted till May.
It's worth saying that March 1994 is considered to be the unofficial date of forming Spread Beaver band. Originally members of that band PATA (guitar), Ran (guitar), Joe (drums), D.I.E. (keyboards), I.N.A (programming) and Chirolin (bass-guitar) were announced as support-musicians.
On March 24th, forth single TELL ME reached 4th place in Oricon charts, and video for song A Souvenir got first place. 
On October 21st hide released his first live video with the name FILM THE PSYCHOMMUNITY REEL.1. Two days later there was a release of video FILM THE PSYCHOMMUNITY REEL.2. Both of them as the previous video got first position in charts.
On December 24th for a present to fans there was released the video with New Year congratulations 1994 X’mas present!.

Next year hide didn't work so much on his solo career. The reason was his participation in the Social Medical Programme of helping to incurable children. hide visited lots of hospitals with charitable purposes, communicated with his little fans directly, but his participation was not only in sponsorship help.
In autumn hide got a letter from Mayuko Kishi with request of meeting. As it became known later, the girl had incurable illness from her birth. hide responded to her request and invited her together with her parents to concert of X JAPAN. While talking it became known that on the following day Mayuko had quite difficult procedures with little percentage of success.
Immediately before the operation hide made another gift to Mayuko: in December the girl as VIP guest was behind the scene of one of the lives in Tokyo Dome. hide introduced her to other members, and she got autographs and gifts from the band personally. Thanks to hide's support Mayuko found the strength and everything ended well. Afterwards hide registered in Bank of marrow and became a donor. When fans had known, they registered there either and called the others to do the same through the Internet.
After an operation hide continued to penpal with Mayuko and couples of times they met. Nowadays the girl is healthy completely.

In 1996 hide founded his own record label LEMONed. On May 22d, beside that event, there were two others: opening the LEMONed shop, and release of VCD collector hide that included the brief description of his solo career during recent years.
About the concept, history of founding and features of this trade and record label it need to say more detailed. The idea of creating independent company was born from music of the band Zeppet Store. "Lemon", according to American slang, means "junk", something rejected, with a defect, not like it should be according to public opinion of things and production. LEMONed is kind of play on words that reflects the idea of "not-for-everybody". The sense of it is in that in era of globalization and pop-culture, everyone, who tries to look, act and think in different way than others, are considered to be those LEMONed's by those others. So to support and help al the LEMON's was created LEMONed.
Goods of LEMONed include the music, clothes, jewels, other things created so that they don't correspond with public opinion about culture and fashion. This underground set of goods was created for helping the one to look different from all those consumers of pop-products filled stores and minds.
Label became popular immediately, and soon young musicians started recording at hide's studio.

That inspired him on further solo work. So, on June 24th the single MISERY was released, and it got third place of Oricon. On August 12th, sixth single Beauty & Stupid was released (4th position in Oricon). And released on September 2d second album PSYENCE got first place at once. Its special feature is in that it contains different styles of music: reggae, industrial, jazz with jazz style brass and glam rock.
On September 8th hide arranged his first concert under LEMONed label (a kind of EXTASY Summit), such lives would be held regularly later and they got a name LEMONed presents hide Indian Summer Special.
From September 4th to October 29th hide with musicians of Spread Beaver went on their second tour – PSYENCE A GO GO -.
In the middle of December hide released pre-New Year gifty MAXI single with two songs: Hi-Ho and GOOD BYE (8th place of Oricon).

Next year began with releasing live photobook 1128.
On February 26th, was released the video UGLY PINK MACHINE file 1, that in sense was a recording of final tour concert that had been held on October 20th in Tokyo. In a month the second part of that video with backstage records.
And another month later, on April 20th, Toshi announced about his leaving X JAPAN, and the band decided to suspend the activity till September.

hide continued his solo career and on June 21st released tune-up, the compilation of remixes on PSYENCE songs, and also a video seven clips Presented by MCA VICTOR. Video reached the first place in Oricon.
Two month later the video hide presents MIX LEMONed JELLY with concert that was held on September 8th, 1996 was released under LEMONed label.

On September 22d at press-conference Yoshiki, hide, Pata, heath announced about disbanding X JAPAN officially. Disbanding influenced badly on all members who had been good friends, and following scandal discredited the band among the fans. Tense relationship between the ex-leader and ex-vocalist leaded to that the fans divided, and to stabilize the situation official representatives announced about farewell concert on December 31st.
It's worth saying that farewell THE LAST LIVE was held because of hide insisting on. He managed to assure the leader who didn't want to even hear anything about Toshi to perform with all members.

On December 17th WooFer! album was on sale, in which all bands worked under LEMONed label took part. hide produced the album.
On December 25th as a tradition the congratulation Х’MAS present’97 was out.
On December 31st, 1997 X JAPAN gathered last time to give a farewell concert for their fans. Noone hid their tears: neither band nor thousands of people coming to last concert of their favourite band in Tokyo Dome.

Next year, despite all previous difficulties, began optimistically. hide concentrated on his solo work. On January 28th he released new song ROCKED DIVE as a single of his new band hide with Spread Beaver. The song reached the forth place in Oricon charts. Before that release double page spread of popular newspaper Asahi Shinbun was dedicated to new band. But the line-up was different than one in 1993: hide, I.N.A, D.I.E., Kyoshi, Joe, PATA, Chirolin and Kaz. On February 21st second compilation WooFer!2 was out.
In April the official fan-club of hide called JETS was opened.

Nothing presaged the misery that shocked Japan in May.
On 2d of May in 15 o'clock by Tokyo time the representative of Tokyo Police Department by means of mass-media informed that ex-guitarist of famous band X JAPAN Matsumoto Hideto had committed suicide.

In history of Japanese showbiz hide's death is one of the most mysterious and misunderstanding incidents, and restoring chronology by minutes of events can not reveal this mystery of his death. hide took it away with him, leaving no notes about the reasons. Nowadays we can only guess what was the real reason of tragical set of incidents leaded to irretrievable result. The one is right: never scant facts brought so many versions.

Just before that hide with Spread Beaver performed at Fuji Television in  Rocked Punch programme. hide was cheerful, joked much, the band played three songs: DOUBT, ever free and Pink Spider. Later band went in a Tokyo bar. After midnight hide's brother brought dead drunk hide home and laid him to sleep. 
In 7.30 a.m. hide was found with a towel tightened around his neck. Towel was torn to two pieces and was thrown over the door-handle. According to one version hide was found by his bride, to another - housemaid. Official time of death is 8.52 a.m., it was defined by doctor of ambulance on the way to hospital.
First version, most obvious (and traditional, as we could see), - it was a suicide. That was announced by at once by police officials. Among the fans panic and hysterics began. Some of the fans being extremely nervous tried to commit a suicide. According to official data there were 20 attempts to do this, one of them finished with death. To stop the wave of suicide, official figures changed the formulation from "suicide" to "accidental death". That version based on Matsumoto Hiroshi's statement, who had insisted on that from the very beginning. Police officials announced that changing immediately and called the fans to be quiet.

Firstly, investigators insisted on first formulation, proofing this with depressive and dark text of the last song Pink Spider that includes the suicide idea.
Close friends and family of hide, particularly his brother and his personal manager Hiroshi, rejected that version as hard as possible. Hiroshi pointed out other facts proofing that death was tragical incident. The main of them was that hide had no reason for suicide. His solo work was growing successfully, in that period of time he had not suffered from melancholy, and beside that, in his private life everything was good. The second fact according to brother's version was that hide as any of professional guitarist had problems with his shoulder muscles. Because of strap pressure and constant tension shoulder muscles hurt much and to ease the pain shoulder needed the massage. Hiroshi guessed that torn to two parts and turned over the door-handle towel had been for easing the pain in shoulder (all X JAPAN guitarist do this while they were on tour), but because hide was dead-drunk - either slept or lost his consciousness - he lost the balance that leaded to such tragical  end.
Taiji in his book and in the chapter dedicated to hide insisted on this version either. The other fact to confirm that version is that the trace on the neck was not deep enough to speak about malice.

The third version often referred to by fans was the idea of "stupid joke". It was not a secret for anyone that hide was alcoholic. Drunk he lost control and did unimaginable thing which he regret about often later. That allowed to create the other idea: hide's death was the result of unsuccessful joke that he had tried to made in that radical way. 

Returned from Los Angeles on third of May Yoshiki rejected the version of suicide either. Later, in interview, he would say that hide was not kind of person who left the life like this.
In the evening of May 4th, Yoshiki was asked by official figures to make a statement for fans and journalists. He called fans to keep stillness, and asked to "see hide off to heaven warmly". Later, again by the request of police there was a press conference with other members of the band, on which they also called the fans not to commit suicide.

In the morning of May 5th the farewell ceremony began. It was held in temple Tsukiji Hongan-ji. About 300 people - close friends and relatives - were allowed to present.
Next two days fans brought the flowers to the temple. Finally to honour hide's memory and see him off in his last way came more than 50 thousands people. Along the embankment of Sumidogawa there was a queue of 2-3 kilometers long. That was the first time of Japan when ceremony of burying the celebrity gathered so many people.
Unfortunately, not without incidents. Among shocked fans occurred hysterics. In huge crowd, from tiredness and stuffiness lots of people felt bad. According to the statistics, more than 60 people were hospitalized and about 200 received medical treatment in first aid tents.
Ceremony of farewell where Toshi sang Forever Love was transmitted on TV.

Ceremony of cremation was held on May 7th in Shibuya. Ash was scattered by brother and members of the band zilch over the ocean on Los Angeles coast, and the urn was buried in Miura, near Yokosuka, native town of hide. On tombstone was craved the lines from song HURRY GO ROUND released by hide with Spread Beaver after hide's death.
To support the fans, on May 13th as planned before the single Pink Spider was out, at one reached the first place in Oricon. And also single ever free that had been planned to be released on 27th. It became the first in charts either. 
On July 17th the video hiS iNVINCIBLE dELUGE eVIDENCE was out, with frames from farewell ceremony mixed with records of the last performances and interviews.

A week later first zilch album 3 2 1 was released. hide formed the band together with I.N.A, and invited to it his American friends Ray McVeigh and Paul Raven.
After the release of that album zilch planned to go on tour in America and Japan. Under Japanese part of tour they planned to perform at Summer Sonic festival in the middle of summer. There had to be a special joint performance together with Marlin Manson under his Beautiful Monsters Tour.
Unfortunately, all the plans failed.

On August 14th the administration of LEMONed decided not to stop the hide's tradition and arranged festival hide PRESENTS MIX LEMONed JELLY 1998.
On October 21st, hide with Spread Beaver released posthumous single of hide - HURRY GO ROUND (2d place in Oricon). That releases was not planned beforehand as previous ones. The song didn't exist in its final version. I.N.A mixed the music from non-released guitar samples of hide.
On October 22d the band went on hide with Spread Beaver TOUR appear!! “1998 TRIBAL Ja, Zoo”. hide's voice sounded in records, and on big screen in the middle of the stage the frames with his last lives were shown.
On November 21st hide with Spread Beaver released an album Ja, Zoo (2d place in Oricon). Satoshi Kikuchi and KYO (Die in Cries) contributed to record. The album was recorded with the use of non-published guitar samples, including ones from SAVER TIGER times. That album got more classic rock sound and beside of two guitars, bass, drums and keyboards, in some tracks violin and piano were used. On November 27th charitable concert hide Сeva [С-Aid] took place. In it beside Spread Beaver took part zilch, heath, Zeppet Store, J and Sugizo from Luna Sea and others.
At beginning of the next year CD-ROM hide 1998 complete works was released. It contained audio and video samples, and also scans of lots of magazines and newspapers dedicated to hide and his band.

Author's remark: for all hide's fans:
I consider it's not the end for hide's story in 1998, how it can be supposed at first (at first sight; at once). That's why I called all foregoing "Part 1". "Part 2" will follow. Why, you ask? Because hide continues to live in every his song, in song of X JAPAN, in every thing he contributed in. His studio and company LEMONed continue the work he has begun and young and purposeful musicians record and release their first works under LEMONed label as before. 
Got rid of his mundane embodiment, hide as unseen pure energy continues to live among us, accompanying and supporting in hard times. His music as before finds the way to souls and it means that hide will live in our hearts, in our memory forever. He breathes with us with every our breath in.
He is with us forever, he is Forever love and ever free. Forever beloved and forever free.

Part 2. hide - to be continuous...

While falling the star left a bright trace on heaven, and it may seem to have to go out as the usual star should do. But some stars flashes so bright as their lights are seen for a long time, even if we close the eyes.
The star called hide lit so bright that had inflamed lots of other start around, and friends gifted by the light of his soul, continued the work he had begun after his death.

On May 1st, 1999 friends and colleges of hide released memorial tribute album called hide tribute SPIRITS. On 2d of May, 1999 first hide memorial day was held and since that time it would be held every year.
On July 7th, the band zilch released the album of remixes BastardEYES dedicated to hide.
On August 27th LEMONed arranged first festival mix LEMONed JELLY’99.
On December 8th the video A STORY 1998 hide LAST WORKS was out.
Traditionally on December 25th video-gift hide X’mas present 99 was released.
hide with Spread Beaver re-released the video TELL ME edition 2 (with Spread Beaver) where the video-set was changed. The release date was January 19th, 2000.

On July, 20th, 2000 the other great event occurred: in Yokosuka suburb hide MUSEUM was opened. It welcomed everyone who wanted to know about hide, his life and working a bit more. And, of course, it became a place of pilgrimage for fans all over the world.
Unusual architecture and bright, colorful inner design is a kind of part of the whole layout. Some rooms and halls of museum duplicate the look of rooms and decorations that had ever been used on lives and PV makings. By this atmosphere of full dive in hide's world is created and that let see it the way hide himself saw and imagined it. A bit crazy, bright, fantastic. Exhibition includes costumes, instruments, cars, draws, sheets of paper with lyrics, other personal things.
At the opening ceremony prime-minister Koizumi was present.
After that Museum Administration together with LEMONed started to re-release all previously released hide's videos in DVD format.

On July 20th, 2001 museum celebrated its first anniversary. Since that year museum prepared gifts to every following anniversary, for example, arranging a concert dedicated to hide or release of new CD. Also every year Administration of Museum with head of Matsumoto Hiroshi took part in organizing hide memorial day.
On May 2d, 2005 Museum contributed in that event for the last time. On July 16th to 5th anniversary of museum special box hide PRIVATE CD COLLECTION was out.
On July 20th the 5th and the last anniversary hide MUSEUM Last Anniversary-5 occurred.
From 22d to 27th of August museum was a co-arranger of 6-days festival hide presents MIX LEMONed JELLY. For the last time either.
In the end of September there was the last screening of hide FILM GIG@hide MUSEUM, and also there were releases of CD-box hide PERFECT SINGLE BOX and DVD hide with Spread Beaver appear!! “1998 TRIBAL Ja,Zoo”.
On September 25th hide MUSEUM was officially closed for visitors. The museum and exhibition itself existed for five years instead of planned three thanks to fans' requests and sponsorship contributing. After closing the museum most of hide's things were sold out at public charitable auction.


In February 2007 it became known that Yoshiki and Toshi made up after the 10-years quarrel. They began the work on joint project - the song in hide's memory and on reunion of X JAPAN. Later the information of re-uniting the band confirmed, and on October 22d, 2007 in Odaiba Aqua City the PV for new song I.V. was shot.

In this PV one can see hide's guitar on the right side of the stage near the microphone-stand. That was the way all members of X JAPAN stated to the world, that the band's line-up still contains five members, and that hide is still lead-guitarist of the band.

On March 28, 29 and 30, 2008 again after 10 years in Tokyo Dome the voice said: Welcome to our Tokyo Dome show. Thank you for being here. We'll show you the place where dreams and life become one. Memorize this time that we were spend together and keep us in your hearts. Introducing X JAPAN!.. JAPAN… JAPAN… The band played three lives after long break. And hide was still one of the members: during the guitar solos he was shown on the big screens. Beside this, while performing Art Of Life the image of hide was shown as hologram that made a feeling that he was really there, on the stage.

On May 2d in Kawasaki Club Citta hide Memorial Day The 10th Anniversary was held. And on 3d and 4th of May hide memorial summit took place in Tokyo Ajinomoto Stadium. There were lots of application of popular bands to participate in that event.

hide's star continues shining as bright as before...

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